Due to very few flights with Wizzair and Ryanair, there are now fewer airport buses between Torp and the greater Oslo area. There will again be more express buses when the flights start to pick up again, in the middle of December 2020. See our "Schedules" for airport bus departures to and from the Greater Oslo area.

  • Torp-ekspressen has a seat guarantee only when purchasing online. Tickets can be purchased on the bus (card only) at available capacity. Our cheapest tickets are also sold on our website.
  • The Torp Ekspressen departs no earlier than 35 minutes after the actual flight arrival at Torp.
  • The Torp Ekspressen is adapted to the actual stated flight arrivals on Torp and the timetables are adapted accordingly.
  • Tickets booked on our website are valid on all departures the day the ticket is booked.