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The Torp Ekspress has customers' safety as its first priority.

On 21 December 2020, an updated infection control guide from FHI was published. Link to FHI ( Norwegian Institute of Public Health's) website "Infection control in public transport (bus, train, tram, taxi, etc.).

  • The updated guide for public transport proposes greater capacity utilization in buses and other public transport.
  • For the Torp Ekspress, this means that we will still have many vacant seats in the express buses.
  • We encourage travelers to use their own mouthpiece
  • Travelers who suspect infection of Covid-19 should not travel with the Torp Ekspress.
  • Information about hygiene hangs on the doors, by the driver's seat and inside the WC.
  • We have Antibac available when boarding customers and at the WC. Customers must use this when boarding the bus.
  • Passengers sit as far behind the driver as possible.
  • Front door is locked, boarding at the back door.
  • Intensify powerful cleaning of the buses.
  • The driver must make a ticket outside where this is possible.
  • Recommend that passengers load their luggage themselves.
  • Passengers sit as far apart as possible inside the bus

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